October 4, 2012


Tuesday is Last Day to Register to Vote


Just a reminder that Tuesday, October 9th is the last day to register to be able to vote in the all-important November election.

Does your one vote count?  Here are a few examples to confirm that YES it does!

  1. Thomas Jefferson was elected our third president by a one vote margin.
  2. John Quincy Adams defeated front runner Andrew Jackson by one vote to become the nation’s 6th president.
  3. In 1916, if presidential hopeful Charles E. Hughes had received one additional vote in each of California’s precincts, he would have defeated President Woodrow Wilson’s re-election bid.
  4. In 1948, if Thomas E. Dewey had gotten one vote more per precinct in Ohio and California, the presidential election would have been thrown into the U.S. House of Representatives where Dewey enjoyed more support than his rival — incumbent Harry Truman.
  5. In the 1960 presidential election, an additional one vote per precinct in Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, and Texas may have altered the course of America’s modern history by denying John F. Kennedy the presidency and placing Richard Nixon in the White House eight years earlier.
  6. In 1962, the governors of Maine, Rhode Island, and North Dakota were all elected by a margin of one vote per precinct.

Action Steps

1.)  Click here  for information on registering to vote — remember the application must be hand-delivered to your county’s Voter Registration office by Tuesday, October 9th or postmarked on or before the 9th.

2.)  Due to circumstances beyond your control will you be unable to go to your polling place on November 6th?  If so, you need to fill out an absentee ballot application by October 30, but the sooner the better as it involves mailing in the application, the courthouse mailing you the absentee ballot and you mailing it back in order to be received by them no later than November 2nd.  (One exception during Presidential election years is that if the absentee ballot is received by 5:00 p.m. on Election Day, the votes for President/Vice President will be counted, but no others.)

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