October 3, 2012


So, Is Your Child’s School Participating?


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has a history of pushing the normalization of homosexuality on school children and intimidating concerned parents, has declared October 30 as “Mix It Up Day.”  This is a day very similar to the ‘Gay Day of Silence,’ which is held in April each year.  Students, teachers or administrators can go the SPLC website to sign their school up as being a participant and then the SPLC can claim the entire student population is participating!  However, many school administrators receiving calls from concerned parents and taxpayers are very surprised to be told that their school is listed on the SPLC website! Check to see if your school is on the Mix It Up Day Schools 2012 list.

Even though the day is officially called “Mix It Up At Lunch Day,” there are lesson plans teachers can use during the entire taxpayer funded school day.  Here are a couple examples of the controversial resources listed on the SPLC website:

For children as young as pre-K – “Talking About Our Families”  (check out the resources section)

For children grades 6-12:  “Marriage Equality”  

Action Steps

1.)  If your child’s school is on this list, please contact your school principal and ask if he or she knows they are on the list.  Whether they knew of their inclusion on the SPLC website or not, insist that they contact the homosexual activist group SPLC and demand that your school’s name be removed.  Email or call them directly at 334-956-8200.

2.)  If the school insists on allowing “Mix it Up Day,” consider keeping your child home that day.

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