Did you know that according to Chapter 4 Regulations you can opt out your child from “specific instruction” and “assessments” if they conflict with your religious beliefs?

This is from Chapter 4 Academic Standards and Assessment “General Policies“:

(d)  School districts (including charter schools), AVTSs and intermediate units shall adopt policies to assure that parents or guardians have the following:

(1)  Access to information about the curriculum, including academic standards to be achieved, instructional materials and assessment techniques.

(2)  A process for the review of instructional materials.

(3)  The right to have their children excused from specific instruction which conflicts with their religious beliefs, upon receipt by the school district (including charter schools), AVTS or intermediate unit of a written request from the parents or guardians.

(4)  If upon inspection of State assessments parents or guardians find the assessments in conflict with their religious belief and wish their student be excused from the assessment, the right of the parents or guardians will not be denied upon written request to the applicable school district superintendent or AVTS director.


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