February 5, 2020


Effort to Pass Bill Allowing Men in Women’s Restrooms Has Started


LGBTQ activists have begun their big push to get at least one of the homosexual special rights bills in Harrisburg  — HB 1404, SB 224 and SB 614 — passed this session.  Remember these bills would add “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to the PA Human Relations Act, which impacts employment (all businesses with four or more employees), housing and public accommodations.  It would allow biological men who identify as women to use the women’s restroom, locker and shower facilities at local pools, etc.

The two Senate bills  — SB 224 and SB 614 — are both in the Senate Labor and Industry Committee.  Unfortunately, the Chairman of that committee, Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington), recently expressed support for the bills.  Hopefully, she will not make the same mistake her predecessor, Scott Wagner, made and usher the bill(s) out of committee.  Another GOP Senator, Wendi Thomas (Bucks County), has also expressed support for the bills.

Action Steps

Contact Senator Bartolotta and ask her one simple question:  “Would you want to share the bathroom, locker or shower facilities with a biological male who identifies as a female?”  Ask her to oppose SB 224 and SB 614.     You can email her at  or call her district office at (724) 627-9802.

Contact your State Senator and ask him or her to oppose SB 224 and SB 614.

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