June 11, 2020


How Did Your Legislator Vote on Ending Governor Wolf’s Executive Order?


There have been 75, 119 confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases in PA with 950 remaining in the hospital.  As of today there have been 6,113 deaths from COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.  Of that number 4,215 were in nursing homes! It is apparent that the issue is in nursing homes and the effort to stop the spread of COVID should be there.   Yet, Governor Wolf wants to continue holding all PA residents hostage and on June 3 decided to renew for another 90 days his March executive order which closed businesses.  

The State House and State Senate think it is time to for the Commonwealth to safely reopen all businesses.  On Tuesday by a vote of 31-19 the State Senate passed HR 836 and over on the State House side they voted 121-81 to pass the resolution.  It directs Governor Tom Wolf to end the COVID-19 disaster emergency declaration and lift all shutdown orders.    

Wolf’s press secretary said the governor will “disapprove” the resolution, saying only the governor can terminate the disaster emergency.

Republican lawmakers said under the state Constitution, the General Assembly has the authority to terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time by concurrent resolution. “Upon adoption of the resolution, the governor must issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency,” House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler said.

Jake Corman, the Senate Majority Leader added, “People need to have the freedom to return to normalcy and decide for themselves the level of engagement with society that they are comfortable doing.”

The courts will probably settle the issue!!

How did your legislators vote?

Action Steps

Here’s the link to the State House vote  and the link to the State Senate vote.

Let your legislators know what you think of their vote.  If you don’t know who your State Senate and State Rep are, click here and enter your address.     

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