News From Around PA   

1.) Chapters of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh CAIR want Frank Scavo to resign from school board.

2.) Swarthmore College offers “gay-affirming theology” classes

3.) Philadelphia will soon offer “gender-neutral” ID cards

4.) Broad Street Ministry in Philly hears from homosexual author

5.) Regional GSA in Erie targets youth from 12-17

News From National Scene

1.) Study “proving” LGBT persons experience negative health consequences from a non-affirming society retracted.

2.) Kentucky House passes bill protecting Down Syndrome babies in the womb

3.) US Supreme Court hears Peace Cross case

4.) South Dakota House narrowly defeats bill that would prevent boys who think they are girls from competing in girls’ sports.

5.) Syracuse University says ‘no’ to club that wants it members to believe in the tenets of the US Constitution.

6.) Federal judge rules that talk therapy ban is unconstitutional

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