News From Around PA

1.) LGBTQIA+ History exhibits at the Blasco Public Library in Erie during month of August

2.) Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, with a center in Villanova, has adopted the Gender Affirmative Model.

3.) Reading Democrat mayor says ‘no’ to LGBT pride flag

4.) Philly’s Trans Wellness Conference will include a spirituality track.

5.) York Equality will be August 3 and 4 at Penn Park

6.) Central PA Pride Festival to take place on July 27th on the grounds of the State Capital

News From National Scene

1.) Arkansas Attorney General will fight for three pro-life bills

2.) Sparks, Nevada mayor tries to stop Drag Queen Story Hour at local library.

3.) Oregon K-12 curriculum must include sexuality content in all courses — whether an historic figure is ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ or transgender is most important information to teach

4.) Three pro-abortion groups tried to stop Georgia’s heartbeat law

5.) South Dakota schools must now display “In God We Trust”

6.) Survey demonstrates LGBT youth are more politically active than others in Generation Z

7.) Texas school district prevents two boys from participating in extra-curricular activities because of parent’s beliefs.

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