October 28, 2020


Endorsements From Radical Left-wing Groups


This is a rather extensive email, but it lists the endorsements that have been made by pro-abortion and pro-homosexual groups for President, Congress and several State House and State Senate races as well as more local races. 

Planned Parenthood Endorsements

President – Joe Biden


Christina Finello, PA-01, (Challenger)

Brendan Boyle, PA-02, (Incumbent)

Dwight Evans, PA-03, (Incumbent)

Madeleine Dean, PA-04, (Incumbent)

Mary Gay Scanlon, PA-05, (Incumbent)

Chrissy Houlahan, PA-06, (Incumbent)

Susan Wild, PA-07, (Incumbent)

Eugene DePasquale, PA-10, (Challenger)

Kristy Gnibus, PA-16, (Challenger)

Conor Lamb, PA-17, (Incumbent)

Pro-Homosexual Human Rights Campaign Endorsements:


Joe Biden


Susan Wild, PA – 7

Matt Cartwright, PA – 8

Eugene DePasquale, PA-10

Conor Lamb, PA – 17

Liberty City LGBTQ Democratic Club Endorsements:

PA House:

36th  District (part of Allegheny County)- Jessica Benham

152nd District (part of Philadelphia and part of Montgomery Counties) – Nancy Guenst

175th District (part of Philadelphia County) Mary Louise Isaacson

177th District (part of Philadelphia County)  Joseph Hohenstein

181st District (part of Philadelphia County)  Malcolm Kenyatta

182nd District (part of Philadelphia County)  Brian Sims

184th District (part of Philadelphia County)  Elizabeth Fiedler

188th District (part of Philadelphia County)  Rick Krajewski

191st District (part of Philadelphia and Delaware Counties)  Joanna McClinton

194th District (part of Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties) Pam DeLissio

PA Senate:

Senate District 3 (part of Philadelphia County) Sharif Street

Steel City Stonewall Democrats Endorsements


17th Congressional District — Conor Lamb

18th Congressional District — Michael Doyle

State House:

12th District (part of Butler County) Dan Smith

19th District (part of Allegheny County)  Jack Wheatley

20th District (part of Allegheny County)  Emily Kinkead

21st District (part of Allegheny County)  Sara Innamorato

23rd District (part of Allegheny County) Dan Frankel

24th District (part of Allegheny County)  Ed Gainey

30th District (part of Allegheny County) Lissa Shulman

34th District (part of Allegheny County) Summer Lee

36th  District (part of Allegheny County)- Jessica Benham

Pro-Abortion Emily’s List Endorsements (endorses pro-abortion women only)


Congressional District 1 – Christina Finello

Congressional District 6  — Chrissy Houlahan

Congressional District 7 – Susan Wild

Auditor General:

Nina Ahmad

PA Senate:

Senate Distict 11  (part of Berks County) Judy Schwank

Senate District 13  (part of Lancaster County)  Janet Diaz

Senate District 17  (part of Delaware and Montgomery Counties) Amanda Cappelletti

Senate District 19   (part of Chester County) Carolyn Comitta

Senate District 37  (part of Allegheny and Washington Counties) Pam Iovino

Senate District 49  (part of Erie County) Julie Slomski

State House:

20th District (part of Allegheny County)  Emily Kinkead

21st District (part of Allegheny County)  Sara Innamorato

28th District (part of Allegheny County)  Emily Skopoy

29th District (part of Bucks County)  Marlene Katz

30th District (part of Allegheny County)  Lissa Geiger Shulman

34th District  (part of Allegheny County)   Summer Lee

36th District (part of Allegheny County)  Jessica Benham

44th District (part of Allegheny County)   Michele Knoll

61st District (part of Montgomery County) Liz Hanbidge

103rd District (part of Dauphin County)  Patty Kim

105th District (part of Dauphin County) Brittney Rodas

106th District (part of Dauphin County) Lindsay Drew

120th District (part of Luzerne County) Joanna Bryn Smith

143rd District (part of Bucks County)  Wendy Ullman

147th District (part of Montgomery County) Jill Dennin

152nd District (part of Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties)  Nancy Guenst

155th District (part of Chester County) Danielle Friel Otten

156th District (part of Chester County) Dianne Herrin

157th District (part of Chester and Montgomery Counties)  Melissa Shusterman

158th District (part of Chester County)  Christina Sappey

161st District (part of Delaware County) Leanne Krueger

165th District (part of Delaware County) Jennifer O’Mara

167th District (part of Chester County) Kristine Howard

168th District (part of Delaware County) Deb Ciamacca

175th District (part of Philadelphia County) Mary Louise Isaacson

176th District (part of Monroe County) Claudette Williams

178th District (part of Bucks County) Ann Marie Mitchell

184th District (part of Philadelphia County) Elizabeth Fiedler

185th District (part of Philadelphia and Delaware Counties)  Regina Young

Allentown City Council At-Large

Ce-Ce Gerlach

Philadelphia City Council At-Large

Helen Gym

Philadelphia City Council, District 7

Maria Quinones-Sanchez

Action Steps

Be an educated voter and share with others.  Don’t forget our Presidential, Congressional, Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer voter guides.  They can be found  here  

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