December 15, 2015


Bill of Rights Day


Our wise Founding Fathers understood the nature of man better than our modern “leaders” do.   They understood the fallen nature of man and the desire for power. When the states ratified the Constitution, they expressed a desire to have a Bill of Rights in order to protect the unalienable rights of citizens from a large, power-hungry national government. One description would be to place handcuffs upon the government.

Twelve amendments were sent to the states for approval in August of 1789. Of those 12, 10 were quickly ratified. Virginia’s legislature became the last to ratify the amendments on December 15, 1791. This was only fitting as the Virginia Declaration of Rights had greatly influenced James Madison as he worked on writing the Bill of Rights.

Are our rights secure today or are we losing the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights? Reading through the first 10 amendments to the Constitution (the Bill of Rights) will show us just how much the Founding Fathers wanted to protect the rights of citizens.

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