News from Around PA

1.) Senators Bob Casey, Jr. and John Fetterman want to give Philly’s William Way LGBTQ Community Center $1 million taxpayer dollars.

2.) About 400 Perkiomen High School (Montgomery County) students walked out to protest the school board’s decision not to pass a policy to protect female students from having males who identify as female use their bathroom.

3.) “2024 College Free Speech Rankings” reveal many PA colleges and universities do a poor job in protecting students’ free speech.

4.) Wesley Wofford is a white sculptor and because of his skin color Philadelphia revoked his commission to create a Harriet Tubman sculpture.

News From National Scene

1.) The Military and Religious Freedom Foundation is threatening to sue Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg) because there is a Christian bookstore on base.

2.) Montana, Texas, Wyoming and Missouri have cut ties with the America Library Association.

3.) The Sunol Glen School District and the Temecula Valley Unified School District have banned all flags except the California and American flags.

4.) Missouri’s attorney general has successfully defended a law banning “gender affirming care” of minors.

5.) Kansas will no longer change the birth certificates of gender confused individuals.

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