News from Around PA

1.) Pittsburgh City Council votes 6 to 3 to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

2.) Reilly v City of Harrisburg heading to US Supreme Court

3.) University of Philadelphia held a Palestinian Literature Festival the end of September.

4.) PA Christian colleges have a partnership with Planned Parenthood.

News From National Scene

1.) Roanoke College’s entire swim team has taken a stand against males who identify as female competing on their team.

2.) Chicago residents speak out against a community football field being handed over to illegal aliens.

3.) Eighth Circuit panel hands down a unanimous decision that an Iowa school cannot compel students to use the “preferred pronouns” of students who identify as transgender.

4.) “Shout Your Abortion” is placing billboards along Interstate 55 in pro-life states leading to pro-abortion Illinois.

5.) Shortage of baby organs to be transplanted? A California surgeon has the “solution”.

6.) Loudon County Public Schools sexual assault victim is suing the school for at least $30 million.

7.) Clemson College students protest the removal of tampons from on campus men’s bathrooms.

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