December 12, 2012


Governor Corbett Says ‘No’ to State Exchanges – for now


The federal government has set Friday, December 14th as the deadline for states to decide if they will set up state exchanges to implement Obamacare.  Today Governor Corbett announced, “I have decided not to pursue a state-based health insurance exchange at this time. It would be irresponsible to put Pennsylvanians on the hook for an unknown amount of money to operate a system under rules that have not been fully written.”  Click here to read the full news release. This also contains a link to all the Governor’s letters that has been sent to the Department of Health and Human Services asking for more information.

Pennsylvania becomes the 28th state to say ‘no’ to state exchanges.  As noted in the news release this decision can be reviewed annually and today’s decision be reversed.

Action Steps

1.)  Contact Governor Corbett via email at or call at 717-787-2500 and give him this message:  “Thank you,  Governor Corbett for your decision not to set up a state health exchange.  Pennsylvania does not need the involvement of the federal government to run our health care system.”

2.) The state has applied for and received $33 million from the federal government to implement the exchange but still needs to pass enabling legislation.  Call  Julia Dikker, Assistant Insurance Commissioner concerning the Obamacare insurance exchanges demanding that Gov Corbett return the $33 million.  Her number is 717-783-0442.  We do not need the federal government holding that over our heads.

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