February 20, 2013


Thank Governor Corbett


Earlier this month Governor Tom Corbett delivered a message to the Department of Health and Human Services telling them that he would not expand Medicaid as Washington was urging.  Remember this was part of the US Supreme Court decision last June which gave states the ability to opt out of Medicaid expansion.  Obamacare is depending upon this expansion in order to funnel all those without health insurance into this government program.  Fourteen governors — all Republican — have rejected the expansion.

Corbett made it clear during his budget address he has no intention of expanding the Medicaid program unless the state gets far more flexibility to administer the program.  He said without “clear guidance” and “reasonable assurances” of “real flexibility and innovative reforms that empower us to make the program work for Pennsylvania … I cannot recommend a dramatic Medicaid expansion.”

Late Wednesday, in a hastily called press conference, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced an about face on Medicaid expansion and said he had reached a deal with the White House. So . . . the pressure is still on governors to buy into the expansion, even though the deadline has passed.

Action Steps

Contact Governor Corbett:

1.)  Thank him for saying ‘no’ to Medicaid expansion.

2.)  Ask him to stand by that decision for the good of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

You can call the Governor’s Office at 717-787-2500 or the Regional Office nearest you, find the number here. 

Email using the contact form here. 

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