Action Alert: Support Senator Blunt’s Amendment on Conscience Protections


February 15, 2012


Blunt Amendment to Protect the Rights of Conscience of Religious Employers


Remember Obama’s compromise on the Health and Human Services mandate to cover abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception is not a compromise!  This is what he said in a statement on Friday:  Women will have access to free preventive care that includes contraceptive services, but if a women’s employer objects to birth control for religious reasons “the insurance company will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge.”

Yesterday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised Senator Blunt of Missouri that he would allow his Respect for Rights of Conscience Amendment to the Transportation bill to be brought up for a vote. The Blunt Amendment would let employers opt out of any coverage mandates they find immoral, affirming the constitutional right to freedom of religion. Reid allowed other amendments to be voted on today, but ‘somehow’ forgot to allow Senator Blunt to bring his up!  In fact, Senator Blunt’s amendment is not even on the Senate calendar for a vote!

Action Steps

1.)  Contact your US Senators — Bob Casey, Jr. and Pat Toomey — and ask them to put pressure on Senator Harry Reid to bring the Respect for Rights of Conscience Amendment up for a vote before the full Senate.  Please call AND email both Senators, click here for contact info.

2.)  Ask Senators Casey and Toomey to vote ‘yea’ on Senator Blunt’s amendment — Amendment Number 1520 to S 1813.

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  • md in the islands

    Just when you thought, having paid even the slightest attention to the deluge of inanities promulgated by primary candidates, that Republicans couldn’t get any more stupid, the Blunt Amendment comes along to prove, beyond any doubt, that the depth to which the collective GOP IQ could plummet is bottomless.

    This brilliant bit of legislation would allow any employer to reject insurance coverage for all employees for virtually any condition on the basis of morality. It would also allow insurance plans to eliminate coverage for entire groups, if anyone in the group morally objects to some coverage.

    You have to pity the authors and supporters of the amendment. Their myopic Anti-Obama obsession, compelling them to oppose anything and everything even tangentially associated with the president, renders them incapable of seeing beyond their own stunted worldview. Clearly they suffer from the age-old affliction of the religious – the misbegotten notion that the religious, and in this case particularly, only the religious who believe “exactly” as they do, have an exclusive claim on morality.

    One can almost hope for the passage of this abomination, if only to witness the pandemonium in the halls of congress when panicked palpitating constituents begin calling after their vegan employer cuts coverage for heart health care on the ethical grounds that diseases of gluttony result from the immoral practice of eating meat and dairy. And the fat checks from the pharmaceutical lobby stop rolling in when plans across the country drop virtually all coverage of prescriptions because a member of PETA in the group conscientiously objects to coverage of anything that has undergone animal testing. And that’s just the beginning of the nightmare.

    Soon the lunatic fringe will be weighing in, rejecting insurance coverage for anything, in favor of prayer.

    Perhaps I judged too soon. Maybe they’re smarter than I thought. The only possible explanation for this amendment is an intent to destroy the insurance industry entirely, leaving only the very wealthy the ability to afford any health care at all. Or maybe it’s a clever plot secretly hatched by the Liberal Secular Elites to destroy employer-based health coverage and replace it with Nationalized Healthcare!

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  • afaofpa

    Senator Blunt’s amendment would do nothing to change or restrict the same rights that Americans have enjoyed for more than 220 years. If an employer has a religious or moral objection to a type of coverage, Senator Blunt’s amendment affords them the same rights that they had before ObamaCare to negotiate a plan with a health insurance company that meets their needs. However, Senator Blunt’s amendment does nothing to force the health insurance company to offer that plan – it simply ensures that Americans are guaranteed the same rights and freedoms that they enjoyed before President Obama’s unconstitutional mandate. Senator Blunt’s amendment also provides a private right of action for employers and individuals who believe their conscience rights have been violated by government mandates. Federal courts are well equipped to identify spurious claims.