November 16, 2023


A Great Resource

Greg Quinlan, Founder and President of Garden State Families, will be in Pennsylvania on November 16th.   He will be speaking about the LGBTQ issue, something he is very familiar with as he lived as an out and proud homosexual for half his life.   In fact, he was trained to be a LGBTQ activist, but the Lord had a different plan for Greg and reached down and saved him from the sin of homosexuality.  Greg now uses those skills for the Lord.  I have known Greg for a number of years and he’s the real deal.  This is more of an FYI to let you know he is available to speak to your group or in your church about the dangers of the LGBTQ agenda and how to combat it.   One of his talks is called “Sex, Science and Scripture”.  It’s about a 90-minute presentation and that would include time for a Q and A. 

Tonight Greg will be speaking at the Berks County Patriots meeting in the Temple Fire Company Ballroom.  The address is 4963 Kutztown Rd., Temple, PA.  The meeting runs from 6:30 to 8:30.  The doors open at 5:00 p.m.

Action Steps

If you live in Berks County or one of the surrounding counties, I encourage you to attend.  Check out this interview with him and be encouraged that there are still some who unashamedly speak the truth.   

I encourage you to consider inviting Greg to speak at your church or to your youth group. 

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