June 19, 2014


Homosexual Activist Brian Sims Says all PA Churches and Residents Support HB 300


During a press conference in the Media Center at the State Capitol on Monday, homosexual activist State Rep Brian Sims’ primary target was State Rep Daryl Metcalfe. Sims accuses Metcalfe of being the only person in Pennsylvania that stands in the way of “LGBT equality.” He claims that HB and SB 300 are “‘wholly supported by Pennsylvanians,’ including the state’s faith community and business leaders. ”

As a reminder, this is what passage of HB or SB 300 would really do to Pennsylvania business owners:

  • Bakers, florists, photographers with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is only between one man and one woman and refuse to participate in a same-sex “wedding” through baking a cake, providing flowers or taking pictures will be forced to close or fined and required to undergo sensitivity training.
  • Businesses responding to complaints from female customers who are uncomfortable with men in their restrooms and ask those causing the problems — transgender customers — to take their business elsewhere will be hauled before a Human Rights Commission and fined for discrimination.
  • Christian businesses will be forced to celebrate ‘gay pride’ by producing gay pride memorabilia.
  • YMCAs and local pools will be required to permit sexually confused individuals to use the shower and locker facilities they are most comfortable using.

Do you support passage of such a law? Brian Sims says you do!!

Action Steps

1.) Thank Representative Metcalfe for his continued principled stand opposing this bill in the House. Sims knows if he can bring Metcalfe down, the remaining opposition in the House will be overwhelmed by the proponents of these bills.   Contact Representative Metcalfe here AND call his district office at 724-772-3110 to thank him for his strong stand opposing HB 300. I’m sure recent articles in homosexual publications covering Monday’s news conference have created a flurry of phones calls into his office blasting his position. It would be good to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line for a change!

2.) Contact your State Rep and State Senator and assure them that you oppose men in the women’s restroom, shower and locker room facilities — you oppose HB and SB 300.   Go to our ACTION CENTER  to contact them. Additionally, please call their district office nearest you. If you do not know that information, click here and either key in your address or your county.

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