October 26, 2022


Concerns About the Acting Secretary of State


Leigh M. Chapman was nominated by Governor Wolf to be PA’s next Secretary of State on December 27, 2021.  She has been the Acting Secretary of State since that time.    

As Acting Secretary of State she is in charge of elections.  The question is whether she is truly non-partisan in this role or . . . .    This well-documented article tells you the story of who Leigh Chapman is – a left-leaning political advocate.

If that’s not enough, read this article written by her when she was Senior Policy Advisor for Let America Vote.   

So, why were no hearings held on her nomination.  Was her nomination even sent by the Rules and Executive Nomination Committee to get the confirmation process started??  Scouring through the committee hearings held this year, Leigh Chapman’s name doesn’t even come up!

Action Steps

Contact Senator Kim Ward, Chair of the Rules and Executive Nomination Committee, to express your concerns about Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman.    Email:    or use the webform here   

and/or call her office at 717-787-6063 or 724-600-7008.

You can use these talking points:

  • Why were no committee hearings held for the Secretary of State position?
  • Leigh Chapman’s ties to left-leaning organizations are very concerning.
  •  Chapman will be in charge of the upcoming election and her history has shown her partisanship.
  • Earlier this month when the US Supreme Court issued an opinion about undated mail-in ballots, Chapman immediately issued a statement telling county election officials to ignore the Court’s decision and count the undated ballots anyway. 
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