May 23, 2017


Congressmen Say National Institutes of Health Director Must Go!


Did you know the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director, Dr. Francis Collins, supports embryonic cloning and embryonic stem cell research which involves the destruction of human embryos?

Forty Republicans in the House of Representatives have written a letter to President Trump asking him to replace Dr. Collins with a pro-life director.  Their letter notes the director’s support of embryonic stem cell research is in direct conflict with President Trump’s “pro-life direction.”

Collins was nominated by President Obama and received unanimous Senate confirmation in 2009. He has wide support in both parties.  In fact, top Republicans — Congressmen Fred Upton and Tom Cole and Senators Roy Blunt and Lamar Alexander — asked Trump in December to keep Collins.   But forty brave Congressmen — including three from PA — stepped forward, signed the letter to President Trump urging him to replace Collins because of his full support of embryonic stem cell research.    By the way,  NIH funding for human embryonic stem cell research increased from $146 million in 2012 to $180 million in 2015.  Of course, this is all taxpayer dollars!  Remember ethical adult stem cell research has produced cures or treatments for over 100 diseases, while embryonic stem cell research has not produced one cure or treatment — it simply kills human embryos!

Action Steps

Thanks these three PA Congressmen for signing onto the letter urging President Trump to replace Dr. Francis Collins, National Institute of Health director:

Congressman Mike Kelly  — 202-225-5406

Congressman Keith Rothfus —  202-225-2065

Congressman Tim Murphy — 202-225-2301

Contact President Trump directly and ask him to replace Dr. Francis Collins as the NIH director.

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