January 17, 2019


Contact Your Congressmen, Senators Casey and Toomey AND Pelosi and Schumer


Build the Wall – that’s the message we need to deliver to Congress, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Church Schumer.  The partial government shutdown continues after almost one month.  Federal workers missed their first paycheck last week and are halfway through another pay period with no end to the shutdown in sight.

President Trump recognizes the problem of illegal immigration that Pelosi and Schumer refuse to acknowledge.  We are a country supposedly operating under the rule of law, apparently unless those laws pertain to immigration!

Action Steps 

1.) Click here to contact your Congressman and Senators Bob Casey, Jr. and Pat Toomey and let them know you stand with President Trump.  Tell them to “Build the Wall.

2.) Contact House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Contact her via Facebook or Twitter @SpeakerPelosi and/ or call her DC office at 202-225-4965 or her San Francisco office at (415) 556-4862 – Message:  Give President Trump the $5.7 billion he’s requested for the wall.

3.) Contact Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer –  Use his contact form here and/or call his DC office at (202) 224-6542, his Buffalo, NY office at (716) 846-4111 or his Albany office at (518) 431-4070.   Same message as to Speaker Pelosi:  Give President Trump the $5.7 billion he’s requested to build the wall.

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