AFA of PA Action Alert

October 29, 2010

Election Day is Next Tuesday!

Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, November 2nd.  Yes, we are all VERY tired of listening to political TV and radio ads, of receiving all those robo-calls and of having our mailboxes full of campaign literature each afternoon.  But don’t let the “politics” of campaigns discourage you from doing your civic duty next Tuesday.  This election is probably the most important in recent decades.

We, here in America, are a privileged few million in the world who can vote for their political leaders.  We must not become apathetic in our privilege.

Action Steps

1.)       The AFA of PA voter guides for US Senate, Governor and all 19 PA Congressional Districts can be found by clicking here. These are non-partisan and can be used in churches.  They are designed as bulletin inserts.  Encourage your pastor and Sunday School teacher to make them available.  If there are any questions, click here for the “Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Churches/Pastors” from Liberty Counsel.   Click here to listen to my Weekly Update for some Scriptures Bible-believing Christians need to consider when they go to the polls on Tuesday.   Also, Exodus 18: 21 says, “But select capable men from all the people –men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain . . . .” Who is best suited to “select” such people than Christians?

2.)      Do you have elderly neighbors, friends or family members who may need a ride to their polling place?  Check with them to see if you can offer your assistance.

3.)      If you haven’t voted for a while and aren’t sure where your polling place is, then click here.

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