September 15, 2021


“Draft Our Daughters” Mandate in National Defense Authorization Act


Both versions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment which would require young women 18-25 to register for the draft even as young men are required to do now. 

On September 1 five GOP members  (Cheney, Bergman, Waltz, Franklin, Fallon) and all but one Democrat (Kim) on the House Armed Services Committee voted to pass an amendment to the NDAA (HR 4350) sponsored by Representative Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6).    In this amendment all references to ‘male’ have been removed and changes the mobilization needs of the Department of Defense to “during a national emergency and not solely to provide combat replacements.”    This would give Pentagon bureaucrats the power to interpret and stretch this open-ended provision to however they interpret it! 

In the US Senate version of the NDAA (S 4049) the same has occurred with all references to men or males being removed and replaced with terms such as “persons,” “citizens,” “enlisted members,” etc.  Additionally, the language of Senator Jack Reed’s (D-RI) amendment to the NDAA could be interpreted to require an equal number of male and female draftees.

Neither version of the NDAA has any provisions for married or pregnant women or moms to opt out. 

Action Steps

Both the US House and US Senate have yet to vote on the NDAA versions before them.  Contact your US Representative and Senators Casey and Toomey and ask them to oppose the NDAA if it includes language that would require young girls to register for the draft.

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