May 15, 2015


Governor Wolf is Doing an End Run Around the Legislature!


Governor Wolf, working through the PA Human Relations Commission (PAHRC), is seeking to work around the legislature by redefining the word “sex” and expanding it to include “sex stereotyping.”  This is very much like what the Obama Administration did with its “School Directive” last May when they expanded the definition of “sex” in Title IX” to include “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.”   Thankfully, President Trump rescinded the dangerous directive!

Remember the PA Human Relations Commission oversees the Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Acts, as well as the  Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Homosexual activists have tried unsuccessfully for numerous years to get special protections under the PA Human Relations Act by introducing bills which would add “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression” to the law.  Currently there are bills in both the House and Senate to do just that, but apparently gay-friendly Governor Tom Wolf does not want to see another defeat of these bills and has taken this extraordinary step to work with the PAHRC to change the way they will investigate “sex” discrimination under the law.   So, what they have done is issue two proposed directives — one for each of the aforementioned Acts —  which expands the definition of ‘sex’ found within the acts to include “sex stereotyping.”

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