September 22, 2017


Great Resource to Help in Fight Against the Normalization of Homosexuality


I recently endorsed a great book from Mass Resistance entitled The Health Hazards of Homosexuality:

“For those wanting the real facts about the dangers of engaging in the homosexual lifestyle, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality is a MUST read!   The media and even the CDC have chosen to downplay or ignore the dangers to those who chose to identify as gay, lesbian and bisexual, but to truly be compassionate we must be truthful about those dangers.   This book delves into the “born gay” myth, mental health issues, partner abuse, sadomasochism, sexual practices and the diseases resulting from them as well as so much more.  The book also addresses the increased number of heterosexuals engaging in the dangerous  practice of anal sex and the final chapter takes a look at transgenderism.  This book presents critical information under one cover with each bit of information well documented – chapter by chapter.  The Health Hazards of Homosexuality is a must for those fighting the normalization of the LGBT lifestyles whether it be in the school house or the state house and I wholeheartedly endorse it! ”

If you are engaged in fighting the promotion of homosexuality in your municipality or school district, I encourage you to consider purchasing this book to provide you with information to help in the fight.

You can click here to read additional endorsements.   At the top of the page you can click on the “Purchase” button for information on obtaining the book.

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