January 14, 2014


Do You Find the AFA of PA Voter Guides Helpful?


Those resources may be coming to an end!   The proposed IRS changes will redefine the distribution of non-partisan voter guides, legislative scorecards, get-out-the vote campaigns and non-partisan voter registration drives as “candidate-related political activity.”   Currently these changes would only apply to 501 (c)(4) tax exempt organizations, but according to our legal counsel when asked in an email earlier today how it would affect the AFA of PA and other 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations, he replied, “Although the current proposal only applies them to 501(c)(4)s, the definitions are under Section 501(c).  I believe they would soon be extended to 501(c)(3)s.”

Click here to read the legal opinion of AFA National’s General Counsel Patrick Vaughn.

There appears to be an overt effort to silence conservatives in the political process, even those not advocating for a particular candidate or party!

Action Steps

Contact your US Congressman and urge him  to protect the right of non-profit organizations to educate voters in a non-partisan way through voter guides, legislative score cards, candidate forums/debates, voter registration drives and get out the vote efforts.  Go to our ACTION CENTER to express your concerns.

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