January 5, 2024


Do You Know Anyone Living in Ohio?


True this is not a Pennsylvania issue perse, but this veto by a Republican governor of HB 68, which would have banned mutilating, so-called gender affirming, surgeries on minors and would have kept boys off girls’ sports teams impacts everyone.  It sends a couple messages:  1.) this issue is not that important  and 2.) the GOP won’t touch the issue with a ten-foot pole. 

The Ohio legislature will be attempting to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto on Wednesday, January 10th.  As predicted by Mission America president, Linda Harvey, in this interview I had with her yesterday, Governor DeWine just issued an executive order banning all “gender-affirming” surgeries on minors.  His hope is that the legislature will see that he’s “addressing the issue” and they don’t’ need to override his veto.  He, of course, is wrong!  The issue has not been addressed – an executive order is NOT law – and his actions have not addressed the second part of HB 68 and that’s preventing boys from playing on girls’ sports teams. 

Action Steps

At the news conference announcing the executive order, Governor DeWine said it would “take this issue off the table.”   I don’t believe most Ohioans believe that to be the case!  There’s still puberty blockers and cross sex hormones for minors and boys who think they are girls rooming with real girls when there’s an away game that requires an overnight stay. 

If you know anyone who lives in Ohio, please contact them and ask them to listen to my interview with Linda and to contact their state rep and state senator to ask them to vote to override Governor DeWine’s veto of HB 68.  Direct link for contacting Ohio’s Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, as well as Ohio State Reps and State Senators can be found here

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