December 11, 2014


One Last Chance to Stop Obama’s Amnesty


The US government runs out of money at midnight tonight. The Republicans are being warned not to shut the government down, even though it is President Obama who said he’d shut it down if the Republicans didn’t allow him to extend amnesty to five million illegal aliens!

Speaker of the House John Boehner has consistently said he would require the posting of all bills on the House website 72 hours before a vote. About 8:30 Tuesday evening a 1,603 page bill dubbed a “cromnibus” was posted, with an expected vote TODAY. Math may not be my forte` but that’s not 72 hours!

This bill will fund all the government, except the Department of Homeland Security, until September 30, 2015 — the end of the fiscal year. The Department of Homeland Security would only be funded, by way of a continuing resolution, through February 27, 2015.   The Republican leadership says they will deal with Obama’s amnesty at that time. However, they will have lost all their leverage since this date is several days after the President’s amnesty framework is in place and the rest of the government is already funded! Where’s their leverage??

Read more and contact your Congressman here.


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