August 8, 2023


PA Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon Says Follow the Science . . .


. . .  except her version of science is from the Left and Dangerous!! On July 27th the US House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on “gender-affirming care”.  One of those to testify was Chloe Cole.  It was her nineteenth birthday, but she braved attacks from the Left in order to tell her story – a story that could be told by thousands of teens and young adults who were advised by so-called medical experts to transition because they were “born in the wrong body”, but have since come to regret the puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgeries they underwent in the failed attempt to ‘transition’ to the opposite sex.  Read Chloe Cole’s full testimony here

According to the Christian Post:  Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pennsylvania) smugly styled herself as a champion of “science,” insisting that the experimental drugs that sterilize and surgeries that mutilate confused children are clinically approved medical treatments and are, therefore, “not up for debate.” The committee hearing scrutinizing these practices, she said, was a waste of time and simply political pandering on the part of the GOP.

Congresswoman Scanlon and the other Democrats who say “science” proves “gender-affirming care” is the safe and necessary path for those experiencing gender confusion need to look at the facts:

  • Earlier this year Riittakerttu Kaltiala, a Finnish professor, advised Finland’s government not to lower the age to change one’s gender below the age of 18. Kaltiala, says that the vast majority of children, who likely suffer from other mental health issues, will grow out of their gender confusion by adulthood.   According to the professor of youth psychology, four out of five children who identify as the opposite sex will grow out of it.
  • The drug Lupron is used for the chemical castration of sex offenders, but is used extensively today off-label as a puberty blocker for gender confused minors.  The FDA has not approved Lupron’s usage as a puberty blocker and in July 2022 warned of brain swelling and permanent vision loss in children taking puberty blockers.
  • Puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones virtually guarantee sterility.
  • Puberty is NOT a disease and is a natural process which should not be interrupted!
  • People can’t legally gamble, drink, smoke or vape until they are at least 18, so how does it make sense to give children drugs and surgeries that are far more dangerous and cause irreversible damage to their bodies? 
  • Progressive European nations, such as England, France, Finland, and Sweden, have started to adopt an increasingly cautious approach towards minor gender transitioning,

Action Steps

Let Congresswoman Scanlon know your thoughts on her Leftist idea of science and the harm it is doing to gender confused minors who are subjected to “gender-affirming care”!  If you live in her district, you can contact her via her contact form  here

If you live outside her district, call her DC office at 202-225-2011 or her Chester office at 610-626-2020. 

Feel free to use the info above.


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