January 24, 2020


President Trump Made History Today


Today President Trump made history by attending and speaking at the annual March for Life.  He became for first sitting President to do so!  However, he is not just speaking the pro-life language, his actions through rule changes, nominating pro-life judges, signing a bill that allows states to block Title X funding from going to “family planning” organizations that perform abortions and reinstating the Mexico City policy during the first week of his presidency show his consistency in protecting the unborn. 

 Forty-seven years ago, the US Supreme Court forced all states to allow abortion during all nine months of pregnancy.  This has resulted in the deaths of over 60 million babies in the US.  Although President Reagan and President George W. Bush offered brief supportive remarks via phone and satellite to the markers, they maintained a degree of separation. Not this President! Click here to read the words he delivered.  

Action Steps

Click here to thank President Trump for attending and speaking at the March for Life.  Thank him for his pro-life actions while in office.

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