November 16, 2022


Senate Will Move Forward in Attempt to Place Same-Sex “Marriage” Into Law


We must remember that same-sex so-called marriage is NOT the law of the land!  It is simply a Supreme Court ruling, even as Roe v. Wade was.  Currently federal law in the Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as only between one man and one woman.  However, the Democrats are determined to redefine what God has defined as one between one man and one woman.  The vote in the US House to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act ( HR 8404 – misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act”) was the evening of July 19, 2022.  The vote was 267 to 157 with 47 GOP Congressmen joining all the Democrats.  As you recall, three of those GOP were from Pennsylvania.  These are Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1), Dan Meuser (PA- 9) and Scott Perry (PA-10).     


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer waited until after the mid-term elections because too many senators feared pushback from their constituents if they voted to make same-sex “marriage” the law of the land.  Yesterday he filed for a cloture vote to be taken today.

Remember this bill does not just redefine marriage on the federal level and impact all the federal agencies that deal with marriage i.e. Social Security.  It also means schools will be required to teach that marriage is between any two individuals. How many school districts changed their sex ed curriculum to include homosexual acts after the Obergefell Supreme Court ruling?  How many parents stood up in outrage and were declared domestic terrorists by Attorney General Merrick Garland?  A portion of the bill gives power to the Department of Justice to bring civil action against individuals.  Additionally, any individual who feels they have been harmed can bring a civil lawsuit against another individual. 

A ”religious protection” amendment was added, but it’s worth nothing!  Under the bold title “NO IMPACT ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY AND CONSCIENCE”, it supposedly protects religious liberty.   But it was simply placed there to allay any fears of Republicans who may be hesitant to vote for the bill.  There is no excuse for all the Senators not to read the six-page bill, as too many bills they vote on are thousands of pages long!  And, if they do read that six-page bill, they will see the words “for the solemnization or celebration of a marriage” under the religious liberty and conscience amendment.  This means that only pastors are protected from having to perform same sex “marriages”.  Meaning that there are no protections for Bible-believing adoption agencies, ministries, religious schools or charities.  And, of course, Christian business owners such as Melissa and Aaron Klein, Baronelle Stutzman and Jack Phillips will receive no protection whatsoever. 

God’s design for marriage has not changed!  This nation stands on the precipice of completely turning its back on God by redefining marriage to include homosexuals. 

Action Steps

Listen to my July interview with Robert Knight, one of the authors of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, as he goes into more detail about the impact a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act would have.    

This bill must be stopped.  Contact Senators Casey and Toomey and urge them to vote ‘nay’ in the cloture vote on HR 8404, the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act”.    Sixty votes (cloture) must be attained in order to move the bill forward to a full Senate vote.  Feel free to add a personal message above the pre-written one – this can carry a lot of weight.

Please don’t just send the email response, but also take a few minutes to call one of their district offices.  Keep trying until you get through to one.  Here are a few numbers to choose from:

Senator Bob Casey, Jr.:   610-782-9470  or 814-357-0314   or 412-803-7370

Senator Pat Toomey:  814-453-3010  or 717-782-3951  or  570-820-4088

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