March 26, 2019


Send This Courageous State Rep a Word of Encouragement


They say the prayer she voiced from the floor of the State House was divisive and they are crying ‘foul.’   Let’s see:  She quoted Scripture; she prayed for the House Leadership, President Trump and Governor Wolf; she thanked Jesus for the privilege of being a voice for Him that day; she brought up George Washington and the Founding Fathers as they worked to establish a nation founded upon Christian principles.  Listen to her prayer here

FYI – the one voicing the prayer is State Rep Stephanie Borowicz.  She lists her Occupation on her House member page as “Stay at home mom.”  She’s also circulating a co-sponsorship memo — one for a Heartbeat Bill!    Those two things probably are marks against her in the eyes of some and now her “divisive” prayer!  The media coverage has been intense and mostly attacking her for the words she spoke.   And, of course, the first female Muslim lawmaker who was sworn in later that day said the prayer in Jesus’ name was Islamophobic and “highly offensive to me, my guests, and other members of the House.”

Action Steps

I’m sure the hate mail and phone calls are inundating her offices right now!  Thank Representative Borowicz for her boldness in voicing her prayer in Jesus’ name in the State House.  Her Harrisburg number is 717-772-9925 and her district office numbers are 570-748-5480 or 814-353-8780.  You can also send her an email through her contact form here

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