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June 14,  2016


Shenanigans in the State Senate re Bathroom Bill


Rather than try to get SB 974 – the Bathroom Bill — out of  committee and to the floor of the Senate, the Democrats with their Republican allies, who are okay with men in women’s bathrooms, are trying a different tactic.  They are dividing SB 974 into different bills and placing them into “friendlier” committees.

Senator Patrick Browne (R-Allentown) has introduced SB 1306 and SB 1307.  Each of these bills erroneously state that Pennsylvania’s economic prosperity depends upon passage of these bills.

SB 1306 has Freedom from Discrimination in Housing and Public Accommodations paragraphs inserted and requires employers to allow employees to dress in the manner consistent with their gender identity i.e. men in women’s dresses.    Public accommodations means bathrooms, shower and locker facilities would be open to all.  This bill is currently in the Labor and Industry Committee chaired by Senator Lisa Baker and vice-chaired by Senator Scott Wagner (a BIG proponent of the bill!)

SB 1307 has Freedom from Discrimination in Employment and Public Accommodations paragraphs inserted this could impact church camps and other religious employers with four or more employees and, of course, public accommodations are the bathrooms, locker and shower facilities.    This bill has been referred to the Urban Affairs and Housing Committee chaired by Scott Wagner.

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