September 4, 2015


First They Came for the County Clerks, Then They Came for the Rest of Us


Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis spent last night in jail. She was arrested yesterday for contempt of court and taken away by federal marshals because she would not issue marriage licenses bearing her name to same-sex couples. She has been ordered to remain in jail until she agrees to do such or until the Kentucky legislature votes to impeach her . They won’t be back in session until the first of next year and the Democrat governor seems unwilling to call a special session in an attempt to impeach a popular county clerk.

In Kentucky those seeking to get married can get a marriage license in any county. The plaintiffs could have traveled a short distance to obtain the license they wanted, but refused to in order to make an example of Kim Davis.   Mrs. Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses to everyone in order not to be accused of discriminating against homosexuals, but that doesn’t seem to matter!

Prior to her court appearance yesterday, Kim told Decision Magazine

“I have weighed the cost….  But it is through God and His grace and strength that I stand, that I can have a smile on my face.

Those licenses leave my office through my authority,” she said. “I cannot be party to that. I just can’t. … If the Word of God isn’t worth fighting for, I don’t know anything that is.

We serve a living God who is alive and on the throne,” she said. “He knows exactly where I am, and I know that His hand is upon me and upon His people. He is in full control.”

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