July 31, 2013


Governor Corbett Has Announced General Counsel Will Defend DOMA


Governor Corbett’s office of general counsel has announced they will take over the job Attorney General Kathleen Kane has refused to do — defend our Defense of Marriage Act!   To counteract what the head of the Democratic Party said, the AFA of PA states Governor Corbett has delivered a deliberate affirmation to one man one woman marriage. Homosexual activists say he is coming down on the wrong side of history, we believe the exact opposite.

Read our news release for more details.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Health Department, which oversees marriage licenses for the state, has sued to stop Montgomery County Register of Wills, Bruce Hanes, from issuing anymore marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  It contends in its complaint that Hanes’ actions interfere with the agency’s administrative responsibilities.

Action Steps

You did your part in convincing Governor Corbett that he needed to defend our Defense of Marriage Act and step in to stop Montgomery County’s rogue Register of Wills — thank you!  Now take a few minutes to thank him for doing the right thing.  Go to our ACTION CENTER to send the message.  You can send the pre-written message or edit it.

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