March 5, 2014

Issues 1.)  Romeike Family Update

2.)  Obama’s Radical DOJ Office of Civil Rights Nominee Update

Details 1.)  On Monday the US Supreme Court announced they would not hear the case involving the German homeschool family, the Romeike’s, who had been granted initial asylum until the Obama Administration intervened which resulted in their asylum being revoked.  This would have resulted in the family being deported back to Germany where they had already been fined and threatened with losing the custody of their children simply for homeschooling.  Less than 24 hours later the Department of Homeland Security contacted the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and announced they were granting the Romeike’s indefinite deferred action status.  This can be revoked, but it is highly unlikely, due to the public outcry over the possible deportation of this godly family.    Read more about their Kentucky community rallying around the family.

2.)  Today the nomination of Debo Adegbile to head the Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights was rejected by the US Senate by a vote of 47-52.  It should be noted this was the first confirmation vote taken this morning and the only one to be rejected.  It should also be noted that both Senators Casey and Toomey voted against confirmation.   Senator Harry Reid switched his vote from ‘yea’ to ‘nay’ so he can bring it back up in the future.

Action Steps

1.)  This week reminds us that God is still in control — sometimes when we read so much bad news, we tend to forget that.   Before the end of the week set aside a special time of praise for His intervention on behalf of the Romeike family and pray specifically for the United States and all the turmoil she faces as some elements try to redefine who she is.

2.)  Go to our ACTION CENTER to thank Senators Casey and Toomey for their vote against the confirmation of Debo Adegbile.    Also thank the Senators you contacted earlier in the week who did vote against confirmation also.  They are:

Joe Manchin  (D-WV) — (304)342-5855 or (202)224-3954 and email here.

John Walsh (D-MN) — (202)224-2651 and email at

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