October 24, 2023


Their Goal:  Misgendering Would be a Firing Offense!


First Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services ordered its more than 80,000 employees to use the “preferred pronouns” of staff members who identify as transgender or non-binary.  You can be pretty sure that PA’s former Secretary of Health Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine played a role in this order!

Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is attempting to expand that policy nationwide.  It is proposing new guidance to expand the definition of “workplace harassment” entitled the “Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace”.   Senator Marco Rubio says it ““would require virtually every employee in the United States to embrace his or her colleagues’ self-described sexuality, gender identity, and ‘reproductive rights.” 

This is compelled speech, which the US Supreme Court has consistently ruled against, but that has not stopped this effort to force their leftist ideology on every employee in the nation!

Action Steps

The EEOC’s rule change is open to public comment until November 1st.   You can leave your comment about this rule change  here

Specify “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and docket number EEOC–2023–0005” in your comments.  Let the EEOC know what you think about this attack on the First Amendment and religious freedom.   Remember this is a “public comment’, so be respectful and don’t include any private or identifying information or it will be included when your comment is posted. 

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