March 3, 2018


Voter Guide for Special Election for 18th Congressional District


In October 2017 US Representative Tim Murphy resigned.  A special election on March 13th will determine who finishes out his term.  The AFA of PA has contacted each candidate twice, but only received responses from Dr. Rick Saccone.   We did research of our own to determine the positions of Conor Lamb on issues we address in our questionnaire.   We found the answers to most!

Remember the new congressional map does NOT impact this special election.  The lines of the district in this election are the old lines of the 18th Congressional District, not the new ones!  Confusing, yes, all thanks to the Democrats on the PA Supreme Court!!

Action Steps

Voter turn out will be crucial in this race.  As you will see in the voter guide, the candidates hold starkly different views on many important issues.  Feel free to share far and wide.   18th Congressional District Voter Guide

These non-partisan voter guides are designed as bulletin inserts and suitable for use in churches.

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