February 23, 2021


Want to Make a Difference Locally?  And Censuring Senator Pat Toomey!


Primary election season is here — at least the time for circulating nominating petitions for candidates.  Have you ever considered running for public office?  Now, more than ever, it is important for those who hold Biblical values to become involved in the public square!  Perhaps you could run for township supervisor or borough council member or school board or even mayor of your city!!

There will be one statewide race on the ballot in May — PA Supreme Court.  Remember the Commonwealth Court Judge who last November ruled that PA should not certify the election results until the constitutionality of no-excuse mail-in ballots was resolved?

That was Congressman Mike Kelly’s lawsuit challenging Act 77, which, by the way, the US Supreme Court yesterday again refused to get involved in the election irregularities and threw out Congressman Kelly’s lawsuit!!!!  We’ll be sending out a news release later on that!  Anyway, that Commonwealth Court Judge is Patricia McCullough and she is running for the one seat in the PA Supreme Court which will open because Chief Justice Thomas Saylor will reach the age of 75 in December and cannot run for another 10 year term.   There will be other GOP Supreme Court judicial candidates and voters will have to decide which one has the courage to do what is needed!  By the way, the party-endorsed candidates are not always the best ones.

The other races on the May primary ballot will be county-wide or local races, which again turns to the question of whether you have ever considered running??  As mentioned earlier, nominating petitions are being circulated right now and must be turned in by March 9th

There will also be three constitutional amendments on the May ballot — more on those later also.

Action Steps

1.)  If interested, you can go to your county website to get contact info for your county election office for more information on local races in your area.  At the county courthouse, you can also pick-up nomination petitions and voter registration lists to aid you in making sure the voters sign the petitions correctly.  Click here  and then click on “Select County.”

2.) While other states have censured their US Representatives (i.e. Liz Cheney of Wyoming) and US Senators (i.e. Richard Burr of North Carolina), the PA GOP has not made that move to censure Senator Pat Toomey!  One must ask why??  If you believe they should censure Senator Toomey because of his vote to impeach a private citizen, former President Donald Trump, then contact them through this online form  or by writing or phoning them.

112 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: (717) 234-4901
Fax: (717) 231-3828

3.) Several county GOP committees have censured Senator Toomey, has yours?  You can find your county GOP leadership  here and you can ask the question. 

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