August 8, 2022


We Know How Casey Will Vote, So Concentrate on Senator Toomey


One day after being introduced in the US House, the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act was passed with 47 Republicans joining all the Democrats on July 19th.    Remember three of those were PA GOP – Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1), Dan Meuser (PA-9) and Scott Perry (PA-10).  It is now in the Senate where the Democrats need 10 Republican Senators to join them in order to bring the bill before the full Senate for a vote.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already filed Rule 14 which bypasses all Senate committees and allows him to push this bill to the Senate floor for a full vote ANY TIME the floor is open.

Here’s some examples of what passage of this bill will do:

  1.  Repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage for federal purposes as only between one man and one woman.
  2. Force all states to honor marriages performed in other states.  Did you know as of 2020, Pennsylvania was only one of three states that banned marriages for those under 18?  PA, Delaware and New Jersey have now been joined by Minnesota in banning child marriages.  Though most states set the minimum marriage age at 18, exceptions in 46 states allow children under 18 to be married.  So, if a 13-year-old is forced to marry in one of the states that allow such, PA would be forced to recognize the marriage, if HR 8404 becomes law!  
  3. There is absolutely nothing in this bill that protects religious freedom.   Remember all the Christian business owners i.e. Jack Phillips with Masterpiece Cakeshop and Aaron and Melissa Klein with Sweetcakes by Melissa who were dragged into court for refusing to back cakes for ‘gay’ weddings after the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that forced ‘gay’ marriage on all 50 states?   Phillips won his case, but is back in court for not baking a “transgender” cake.  The Kleins lost their business.  There are many other examples out there and if HR 8404 becomes law that number will grow exponentially!    If same-sex “marriage” becomes federal law, will your pastor be forced to perform same-sex ‘marriages’?  Will your church be forced to allow a ‘gay’ couple to rent your facility for a wedding reception?
  4. If HR 8404 becomes federal law, the LGBTQ indoctrination of our school children will intensify!
  5. It empowers the U.S. attorney general and private individuals to sue anyone “under the color of law” that does not give “full faith and credit” to another state’s law.

Action Steps

We know Senator Bob Casey, Jr. will vote in lockstep with the Democrats.  At this point, Senator Toomey is an unknown, although he’s not necessarily good on the LGBTQ issue. Contact Senator Toomey via email here, but also call his office(s).

Washington, DC  — (202) 224-4254

Johnstown – 814-266-5970

Harrisburg – 717-782-3951

Wilkes-Barre  570-820-4088

Erie – 814-453-3010

Philadelphia – 215-241-1090

Lehigh Valley – 610-434-1444

Unfortunately, normally conservative senators like Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Joni Ernst (R-IA) have announced their support for the bill!  They need to hear from you too and tell them to vote ‘nay’ on HR 8404..

Senator Ron Johnson – (202) 224-5323

Senator Joni Ernst – (202) 224-3254

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