August 28, 2014


Ask Your Congressman Why He Did Not Sign Onto This Letter


Freedom from Religion Foundation — you know, the ones who target prayer by students, the National Day of Prayer, restaurants which offer churchgoers discounts on Sunday, etc. — filed a lawsuit against the IRS in 2012 demanding that the Obama Administration delve deep into preaching from the pulpit to ensure that pastors, priests, and parishioners don’t say anything within the four walls of a church that could be construed as political.

Not surprising, the IRS caved and agreed to monitor churches    to make sure they are not involved in “politicking.”   Remember this is the same IRS that asked some of the groups they targeted in the past about the content of their prayers!     As a July 31 article stated, “Rather than “rogue churches,” it’s the rogue IRS that needs to be stopped.”

To take action, click here.

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