News From Around PA

1.) PA Supreme Court steps in and temporarily halts inspection of Fulton County’s election equipment.

2.) Human Rights Campaign gives Allentown, Carlisle, Erie, New Hope, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Reading “All Star” designations.

3.) NWPA Pride thanks it donors and sponsors.

4.) PA Coalition for Trans Youth has forced WHP 21 to remove an article from its website.

News From National Scene

1.) Jane Addams Elementary School after school club inviting 6 to 11 year old students to Satan Club.

2.) Lincoln Christian University targeted by US Department of Education re former trans student.

3.) US Department of Justice will continue viewing parents as domestic terrorists.

4.) First openly non-binary athlete at Olympic Winter Games is an American figure skater.

5.) Actor who believes he is a woman receives Golden Globe Award.

6.) A Texas school district is telling middle school teachers not to tell parents if their child identifies as transgender.

7.) West Lafayette, IN is seeking to ban pastors from talk therapy for those with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

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