News From Around PA

1.) Pennsylvania has acknowledged it has permitted foreign nationals to register to vote for decades!

2.) A whistleblower educator has revealed that Great Valley School District in Chester County is requiring teachers not to tell parents if their child is confused about his or her gender.

3.) Governor Wolf will now pay churches to persuade their members to get the COVID shot!

4.) Open homosexual US Senate candidate Kevin Baumlin has withdrawn from the race, after his Nomination Petition was challenged.

5.) Rob Jordon is a GOP candidate in the 165th Legislative District in Delaware County. He is also listed as a leader of the national Log Cabin Republicans, a faction within the GOP that pushes the LGBTQ agenda.

News From National Scene

1.) New York City Mayor Eric Adams removes member of his education advisory panel after it is revealed that she wrote a book calling homosexuality sin.

2.) West Virginia and Kentucky have passed laws that will ban money from nongovernmental entities like Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Technology and Civic Life.

3.) A Texas woman has won a $90,000 settlement from her former high school after she claimed teachers harassed her for not standing for the Pledge of Allegience.

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