News from Around PA

1.) US Department of Education will investigate Central Bucks School District after ACLU complaint of LGBTQ discrimination.

2.) Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) approves rule change to add ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ to the definition of ‘sex’ in discrimination cases.

3.) Fate of proposed constitutional amendments unknown after November 8th election.

4,) Currently there are 101 Republicans and 101 Democrats in the State House due to the death of Rep Tony DeLuca, but the Democrats are declaring they are the majority!

News From National Scene

1.) Walmart founder Sam Walton’s heirs of his fortune are pumping millions into promoting the LGBTQ agenda in their home state of Arkansas.

2.) A US Air Force and Marine Corps veteran is suing to force his military retirement health care (Tricare) to cover the “gender affirming care” of his son who thinks he is a girl.

3.) Union Seminary in New York City is pushing “progressive” ideas in their Master’s program.

4.) Wisconsin’s premier children’s hospital is hiring transgender chaplains

5.) Pro-transgender Fenway Institute has produced a strategy telling doctors how they can pressure parents who do not ‘affirm’ their transgender child.

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