News From Around PA

1.) 14 year-old charged with raping 15 year-old in Harrisburg school. Was porn-use a factor?

2.) Heartbeat bill co-sponsorship memo being circulated in Harrisburg!

3.) Philly’s Black Lives Matter Week of Action included panel on transgender educators

4.) Three Philadelphia school students create short film “The Gayborhood” because their history books didn’t cover it.

5.) Lesbian “ordained minister” to run in 190th Legislative District special election

6.) Three homosexuals and one transgender running for Philly City Council

News From National Scene

1.) Court tells University of Iowa to stop discriminating

2.) New American citizen fired from Emory University

3.) Military Religious Freedom Foundation tells Air Force Academy to dis-invite a graduate.

4.) George Mason University gets kickback from selling Plan B abortion pill.

5.) Lesbian activists thrown off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission

6.) Louisiana College leaving Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

7.) University of New Orleans concerned about Valentine’s Day.

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