News From Around PA

1.) By an 8 to 1 vote Penncrest school board has voted to ban CRT and other anti-American currucula.

2.) Sean Meloy is hoping to be the first “gay” man to be elected to represent PA in Congress.

3.) TransFamily in Erie is planning activities a Perry Square during “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

4.) Two other ‘gay’ candidates are running in the May 17th primary — Malcolm Kenyatta for US Senate and Brian Sims for Lt. Governor.

5.) U Penn’s “transgender woman” Lia Thomas won NCAA Division 1 Swimming, but FL Governor Ron DeSantis made different decision!

News From National Scene

1.) GOP governors in Utah and Indiana veto bills that would protect women’s sports. The Utah legislature reacted quickly!

2.) Beware Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story spinoff film “Lightyear”!

3.) ESPN remains totally supportive of the LGBTQIA+ agenda.

4.) Securities and Exchange Commission propose rules dealing with “climate change” on all publicly traded companies.

5.) “Gay pastor” declares Bible says nothing against homosexuality and Jesus never said he was the only way to heaven!

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