News From Around PA
1.) Sabold Elementary School (Delaware County) students will no longer be saying “God Bless America.”

2.) Titusville High School (Crawford County) now has a Sexuality and Gender Alliance. 

3.) Women’s Law Project lawsuit wants PA Supreme Court to declare a “right to abortion” in the PA Constitution.

4.) Governor Wolf exploring ways to “protect” trans National Guard members in PA.

5.) Transgender activists not happy with the wording on the Dewey Restaurant historic marker.

News From National Scene

1.) Bible on Missing Man Table in Manchester, NH causes uproar.

2.) Georgia governor signs heartbeat bill; Hollywood production companies will boycott state.

3.) Democrats in US House introduce the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act and the Youth Access to Sexual Health Services Act.

4.) Iowa governor signs budget cutting Planned Parenthood from sex ed grants.

5.) Lesbian lawmaker in Texas kills bill that would have protected Chick-Fil-A and other Christian businesses.

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