News from Around PA

1.) Why is a North Allegheny School District bus driver permitted to turn her bus into a transgender propaganda machine?

2.) Three Carlisle High School students win the second annual PA LGBTQ+ History Prize.

3.) University of Pennsylvania psychologist writes an opinion piece saying elections should be eliminated in order to “save our democracy”.

4.) Navy’s drag queen ‘virtual ambassador’ has deep roots in PA’s coal country.

5.) York City Council voted 3 to 1 to ban talk therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

News From National Scene

1.) A Christian Serbian immigrant has been fired by a Jacksonville, FL Best Buy Geek Club for objecting to a mandatory LGBTQ+ ‘educational’ video.

2.) Indiana State Medical Association has passed a resolution saying they do not agree with the American Medication Association’s position on so-called “gender =affirming care.”

3.) Oberlin College reassigns a women’s lacrosse coach to a “desk job” after she objected to men playing in women’s sports.

4.) Second Baptist Church in Palermo, Maine, an outspoken supporter of life, was vandalized recently and activists spray pointed over the church’s signs and left their own signs!

5.) The Department of Homeland Security has awarded the Sexual Minority Youth Assistant League a $530, 000 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention grant.

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