News From Around PA

1.) Eight men have filed a lawsuit against Boy Scouts on behalf of 1500 former Scouts, including some from PA, who claim sexual assault by Scout leaders.

2.) Allegheny County will purge 69,000 inactive voters from rolls.

3.) LGBTQ clinic opens in Aliquippa, Beaver County

4.) Christian Counseling Associates opens another office in Erie County.

5.) Delaware County Council, now under Democrat control, has been declared a sanctuary county for illegal aliens.

6.) Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren names LGBTQ activists as PA state director for campaign.

News From National Scene

1.) Twelve New Jersey schools will begin LGBTQ curriculum pilot program.

2.) Democrats funneling $50 million into an effort to flip state legislatures.

3.) Effingham, IL sued for overpass mural that depicts cross.

4.) Obama judicial appointee throws out North Carolina’s voter ID law.

5.) TN Governor signs bill into law that protects religious adoption agencies.

6.) Scottsdale, AZ sued for not allowing member of Satanic Temple to open meetings in prayer.

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