News From Around PA

1.) Pennsylvania State University College of Education wants to ‘reimage’ education.

2,) Philadelphia has added three new LGBTQ historic markers.

3.) The nation’s largest homosexual lobby group, Human Rights Campaign PAC, has endorsed Tyler Titus for Erie County Executive.

4.) Erie Community Church will be celebrating its thirteen years of unbiblically affirming LGBTQ+ people.

News From National Scene

1.) More than 11,400 doctors and scientists have signed the “Rome Declaration” concerning the treatment of COVID patients.

2.) The Biden Administration has give the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services $33 million.

3.) A ‘transgender male’ security guard is suing the Hawaii Department of Public Safety and sheriff’s duties for sexual harassment .

4.) California Governor Gavin Newsom signs new law giving students the power to choose which name they want on their diplomas.

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