News From Around PA

1.) Ultra liberal Senator Daylin Leach lost the Democratic primary

2.) HR 836 has passed and ends Governor Wolf’s coronavirus emergency declaration — only he doesn’t believe it!

3.) House Speaker Mike Turzai has announced he is resigning effective June 15th.

4.) SB 1166 – a constitutional amendment limiting a governor’s emergency declaration power– has passed the Senate.

News From National Scene

1.) The Amazon board voted to continuing using the Southern Poverty Law Center as their “filter” for AmazonSmile.

2.) Colorado group gathers enough signatures to put banning abortions at 22 weeks on the ballot.

3.) US Health and Human Services scraps Obama-rule that forced medical workers to perform abortions.

4.) “Paw Patrol” is now being targeted by the defund police groups.

5.) Pixar has created an openly gay lead character

6.) US Dept. of Education says it will seek to withhold federal funds from schools which allow boys to participate in girls’ sports.

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