News From Around PA

1.) Hatboro Boro (Montco) raises “pride flag” and two days later it’s removed by someone. “No Hate in Hatboro” rally planned.

2.) PA Commission on LGBTQ Affairs comes to the defense of PA Health Secretary Levine.

3.) Philly’s black and brown rainbow flag tours the country during June’s ‘gay pride’ month. More recently it’s been featured in Black Lives Matters protests.

4.) Allegheny County ordinance banning tear gas and rubber bullets goes down in flames.

5.) A constitutional amendment limiting a governor’s emergency declaration to 21 days has passed both State House and State Senate. The same language must pass next legislative session.

News From National Scene

1.) The American Psychological Association virtual conference includes a workshop on “nonmonogamous relationships, sex workers, fetishists and kinksters.”

2.) New York City has agreed to pay $100,000 in lawyers’ fees and damages to an Orthodox Jewish psychotherapist.

3.) Plimoth Plantation to remove the “plantation” from its name because it is associated with slavery.

4.) University of Southern California to removed its John Wayne exhibit.

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